1 Vision

7 Values

5 Stages

Trains and equips teens to live life on mission.

When you put teens in a position of having to trust God, their theological information about God is activated and their spiritual dependence on Him is accelerated.


We are a Gospel advancing movement committed to activating a generation in South Africa and Africa who are passionate about seeing this generation reach this generation.

Teens who are mobilized, trained and equipped to gospelize.

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5 Stages Intro

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Book us for a one day training designed to help you strategize as you move the ministry forward in Gospel Advancement.

1-7-5 is a tool to help you take you training to the next level

ONE vision

SEVEN values of Gospel implementation

FIVE stages of Gospel Advancement

We want to see every teen trained across

every socio-economic and racial context

to have maximum impact

as we seek to reach every teen, everywhere!

You can be a part of that by sponsoring an event!

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1-7-5 one day training

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