Newsletter 1: News from the Oldings with Go-Live-Dare

I am thankful to God for what He is doing through the movement of GoLiveDare. God is at work and is evidently moving in a clear way according to His will for an gospel advancing ministry here in South Africa. Here is a brief fly-through of what God has been doing in the last 2 months. 

My trip to the USA

I recently visited supporters and new board members of GoLiveDare based in the US. I visited North Carolina, Chicago Illinois, Texas and Oklahoma. I then went on to spend a week in Chicago with Dare2Share as they ran an equipping event called ‘Lead the Cause’. This is a week long event aimed at equipping the teens of America, which was awesome to see  young people on the streets of Chicago sharing the Gospel. I was there for training and developing a partnership with Dare2Share and I am excited to see how God continues to develop what He is doing with GoliveDare.

I got to spend the day strategizing with Greg Stier (CEO & Founder), Debbie Bresina ( President of Dare2Share), Jason Loewen (Director of training) as well as Zane Black (Awesome speaker at the events) who are the main leaders with Dare2Share. This was a key time for me in the development of Go-Live-Dare.   More news to come as we proceed with training here in South Africa. Please pray for Dare2Share as they seek to develop an international ministry.

Below is the team from Texas, Elmont Baptist & Blue Ridge Bible church serving with Go-Live-Dare this past month. They spent 2 weeks with us and helped in two key areas doing holiday bible club, sports ministry and children’s ministry in the Masinenge and Munster area. God really used this team to bring glory to Himself. Here is an extract from two of the young ladies on the team, Molly McQuirk & Hannah Smith :

Let me introduce you to our board of Directors, which has 2 aspects to it. Firstly, the board of directors and secondly an advisory board.

Our Details have changed please take note:
American banking details:

Our Banking details have changed, please take note of the following when sending your support through to our ministry.

As of the end of August, J-Life Ministries will no longer be accepting funds on our behalf from Amazon Charities (#0027) as we will no longer be on their books. I am currently in talks with 2 different organisations and am hoping they can assist when it does come to doing transfers to South Africa.

First Baptist Mustang has kindly offered to help in the interim. The Associate pastor is Jeff Le Duc who will be handling the transfers of our ministry support and can be contacted through his secrectary on 405-376-4567 for more info.

Donors make checks payable to FBC Mustang with my name (Don Olding or GO LIVE DARE)  in the Memo portion of the check…they will compile all of the donations and send them directly to GO LIVE DARE via electronic transfer…

South African Banking details:
Nedbank Current Account
Account Number: 1104948990
Branch code: 198765
Swift code: NEDSZAJJ

A Thank you for my time in the USA

  • A big thank you to Mark Icard and Pam Icard for hosting me in the US for all that you have done for GO-LIVE-DARE!
  • Thank you to Jeff LeDuc for all your support and for helping with banking in the interim and First Baptist mustang.
  • Thank you to Sterling & Andrea Beecroft for your interest shown and hosting me.
  • Thank you to Chris & Torri for hosting me as well as leading a team here to South Africa
  • A special thank you for your gift towards our ongoing fund raising as we seek to purchase a ministry vehicle (you know who you are).
  • Thanks to Chris White for your time and wanting to invest in GO-LIVE-DARE and the ministry here in South Africa
  • Thank you to Greg Stier, Debbie Bresina, Jason Loewen and the entire team that made it possible for me to be at the lead the cause event in Chicago.  Thank you to the board members of Dare2Share for spending your valued time with me as we develop a partnership to advance the gospel all over the world.
  • Thank you Jenny Cullins McQuirk for all your support and all the gifts for the patients at the hospital. Also to all the parents thank you for trusting us with your young adults (kids).

News from Family

Chantel has just finished a VBS (Holiday)Bible club at Norwegian settlers church. She has really been so busy and is excited to see what God does in the children’s ministry over the next stretch of the year. Our children have been so patient with us and we absolutely love and adore them.  They are healthy and doing very well at school.

In August we will be taking some much needed family time off as we head to East London for a week to see my twin brother, his wife and my sister for a mini family reunion.

Please pray for for the following as we develop a Gospel advancing ministry in South Africa.

  • Please pray that God would have His will and way with GOLIVEDARE
  • Please pray for the business side of GOLIVEDARE  as we seek to build a movement.  That as we go through all the processes, it would move ahead swiftly to enable us as a ministry to have a high standard of integrity and transparency.
  • Our continued relationship and partnership with Dare2Share as we become a gospel advancing ministry in South Africa.
  • Funds toward our bus
  • Financial support for GOLIVEDARE
  • For us as a family and wisdom as we lead GoLivedare
  • For those who are currently praying about joining our volunteer staff
  • For our 4 week internship in 2016 and those who are considering joining us.

We really appreciate all your prayer as this is: 

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These social media sites help you keep updated with what we are doing. Thank you to all your support here in South Africa and in the US.