November Update 4: Go Live Dare – Don Olding

Washington DC
Abraham Lincoln Memorial
Washington DC after our conference
Greg Stier & Don Olding
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Flying over Chicago

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November update

We are grateful to God for His provision for us during this trip and safety along the way. Our trip entailed a lot of travel within the US to get to our desired destinations. Chantel and I used every opportunity to share vision and minister to others on this trip and learn as much as we can.

Leg 1: (Durban-Dubai) – (Dubai-Chicago) – (Chicago-Atlanta) – (Atlanta-Oklahoma)

Leg 2:(Oklahoma-Chicago) – (Chicago-Washington) – (Washington North Carolina) – (North Carolina Denver)

Leg 3:(Denver-Chicago) – (Chicago-Dubai 15hrs lay over) – (Dubai-Durban and 2and a half hour shuttle home)

Thank you to the following folks for hosting us, Robert & Nita Wood

Greg & Debbie Stier and Dare2share

A big thankyou to Quentin & Nicola Elliot and Sean & Heidie Doveton for looking after our children while we were away. You will never know our gratitude and really appreciate you for this.

Chantel and I had the privilege of going over to the US and build on our partnerships with First Baptist Mustang and sharing vision with the youth pastors in the OKC (Oklahoma) region. I had the privilege of connecting with a few of the youth pastors who are excited for what we are doing and Rachel Tice who is joining us helped set up some of these meetings, and she came along with Chantel and I.

One Day Conference

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Our time with Dare2share was strategic and fruitful learning together and dreaming of advancing the Gospel together across our planet. Chantel and I attended the one day event in Washington with the Dare2share staff and really saw how effective there training is in terms of equipping leaders and seeing a successful transfer of DNA of the model of ministry they are trying to do in the US. I have included this link for you to listen to as one of our podcast’s from June earlier this year. Click the link below:

Interview with Don Olding South Africa & 2 other Internationals


We then spent the week with them learning from Dare2Share and really building and visioning together and seeking Gods will and guidance for us as we launch a Gospel advancing movement in South Africa.

Candidates for our 4 week internship
First Baptist Mustang
One day conference in Washington DC

We got to meet and interact with all the Staff at the Dare2share offices and they really helped us in the sense of running a successful lead the cause event being planned in South Africa 2016, as well as building great friendships and seeing their lives up close and first hand. I am so proud to be part of a movement that really inspires leaders and teens to live out the priorities of Jesus and live it out themselves, and they live out the Gospel advancing values in their own spheres of influence in life and ministry.

We are entering a very exciting time in the movement God has given to us. I am excited about how God is positioning various movements around the globe to really begin the last push for evangelism around the globe. Here is our time together in the US.

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Sharing vision with Dare2Share staff and building partnership

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Please be in prayer for us as we launch new initiatives around South Africa in the next few months

  • Be in prayer for Rachel Tice and Steven Lamont for a smooth transition into South African life and advancing the movement with Go Live Dare
  • For our one day events in 2016 and lead the cause event in in 2016
  • For all the meeting’s we had with Youth Pastors and leaders
  • For our personal support and the support for Go Live Dare as a ministry we are in a transition phase and appreciate all prayers for this. If you are interested in supporting us financially please email me and I will send you the necessary info
  • As we recruit young people for our 4 week internship
  • As we grow in our relationship with Dare2Share and all its staff and that God would do a mighty work in and through Go Live Dare (SA) and Dare2Share in the USA.
  • As we work through all the materials and try contextualize all the materials we have received and all the info and training we received at the Dare2Share offices in Colorado.

Thank you for your faithful ongoing support for us as a family and ministry. As you already know we appreciate you all and urge you all the more as Paul does with the advancement of the Gospel, that your giving is not in vain but for a greater cause that has far reaching effects around the globe, and in South Africa and on this continent. Be encouraged friends!!!

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