Hope is built by returning to the well – Don Olding


As many of you know Chantel and I spend Monday mornings together as a couple and our morning routine normally goes something like this …

  • Drop the kiddies at school
  • Head out to our secret breakfast place for what we call a “cheap breakfast” which it is and which is why we go there
  • Go to some spot on the coast to have a quiet time together and pray
  • Fetch kiddies and return home for the afternoon

This past Monday we decided to set up our deck chairs, umbrella and settle in to read whatever it was that we brought with us.  Chantel has been reading a book called “The youth worker – Book of Hope” and I had brought my Bible to read.  As we sat for a few minutes reading, we both stopped to tell each other something that we found significant in what we were reading. 

As I began telling Chantel about the woman at the well, Chantel looked at me in disbelief as that was exactly what she had been reading in her book that she had brought with her.  This was, for us, clearly a sign that we were to explore what this may mean and to uncover what the Lord may be saying to us.

Even if you have not returned to that scripture recently, I bet you can remember some of the highlights.  It is a picture of sin and salvation meeting over a drink of water.  The result of this divine meeting is a new life – not just for this Samaritan woman, but also for the many others who heard her story.  This woman’s passionate story, the story built on the hope of new life, changed people’s lives, even to this day.

This scripture got me thinking about the purpose of Go-Live-Dare.  Very often we can reduce our hope to mere survival by asking questions like “how can we make a greater impact?”, “how can we provide meals for this community to make their lives easier?”, “how can we make their living conditions better?”  As relevant as these issues are to the communities we work in, this is not a long lasting, sustainable form of Hope, it is merely a survival mechanism.

Our purpose as Go-Live-Dare is to share the gospel with those communities using the medium of sports and training conferences.  It is where sin and salvation meet over a soccer field, in the dance class, on the basketball court or in a church building.

Our purpose is to offer hope that is not temporary but hope that is built on returning to the well where we encounter Jesus, letting Him remind us why we’re living in the first place and then allowing the living water He provides to spill into the lives of the students we love. Our purpose is to share that Hope and direct those students to the well!  To the living water!


Looking back at the month of January

masinenge jungle gym
Steven Lamont from Northern Ireland


 Before Rachel and Stephen Sparrow arrived,

 Steven Lamont and I went into Siyambambili

 crèche to do some much needed repairs to

 their jungle gym


whole team

THE WHOLE TEAM IS HERE                                               

Stephen Sparrow – S.A.                                                     

Steven Lamont – Northern Ireland                                

Rachel Tice – Oklahoma USA                                           

… and Don Olding


The high school is called Kwamasosha High school. It has 1200 students from grade 8 – 12. We run their morning assemblies on a Wednesday morning and have undertaken to do their sports for them on Wednesday afternoons as well.

sports in schoolsports at school 4Preching at school12647513_10154498949569256_8921605438477571098_n12631414_10154498975054256_3170017890593650064_n



rachel with the girls






Looking ahead in the month of February and March

D2S1day15We have our first ONE DAY TRAINING conference for all
local (South Coast) Youth pastors and youth leaders.
We will be training these leaders in the Dare2Share materials (our partner organisation in the USA) and our aim is to equip them with the tools to run an effective GOSPEL ADVANCING MINISTRY.
We have 2 training dates for these events and ask that you pray for us as we launch this life changing material in South Africa.

27 February – Margate Baptist Church (Margate)
(DTC) March – Sweetwaters Church (Amamzimtoti)

A team of 4 young students join us for
2 weeks of ministry on the South Coast.
They come from Bethel College in Indiana
and their time in South Africa is part of
the course material on missions.
They will be equipped with the Gospelize
material and will join us out on the sports
field as we put that material into practice.

Friends, I cannot tell you how much I stand in awe of our Lord. He has been the one to put all the puzzle pieces into place. It is with absolute joy and excitement that I share with you some of our praise items …

discipleI am very pleased to inform you that we have secured our venue in Johannesburg for our very first LEAD THE CAUSE EVENT. This is a 4-day conference for youth in which we equip them in the
G.O.S.P.E.L and help them share their faith with their peers and those around them. It will take
place at Rosebank Union from the 29 April – 2 May and we are
looking at hosting 450 students for this event.
Please be in prayer for us as we prep all the manuals, set schedules
and promote. At the moment we are trying to keep all the costs to
a minimum so that we can have teenagers attend even if they do not have the funding for it.

Prayer & Praise Items

  • The Lords leading and guidance in every situation and with every decision needing to be made
  • Our up and coming training events – for the youth leaders as well as the students that attend
  • All our planning and prep that needs to be done for these events as well as for our short term mission teams coming to serve along side us
  • For the Lords provision for the students who cannot afford these training conferences
  • Praise the Lord for going ahead of us and opening doors that only He can
  • Praise the Lord for the new Go-Live-Dare shirts that we have just finished paying for
  • Praise the Lord for the positive meetings that have been had across the country
  • Praise the Lord for the community that we minister into and the opportunities we have in sharing the Dare2Share materials
  • Praise the Lord for all our friends and family who support us in this ministry, without you it would be a lot harder for us
  • Praise the Lord for health and happiness within our family.

If you would like to contribute to our ministry please contact me at don@golivedare.co.za

We are in need of the following:

  • Funding for our Lead The Cause event.  Our budget is $7000 and we praise the Lord for the $1000 that we already have towards this
  • Sports equipment such as basketballs, portable goals, sports kit, soccer balls, packets of Energade that can be diluted with water for the kids in the community that we coach
  • Sponsors for sandwich spreads and bread as we try and establish a feeding scheme for the children in Masinenge creche 
  • For the budget that is needed in order to run this ministry (i.e. fuel)

I want you to know that we, as a family, praise the Lord for YOU and your faithfulness!  

Go Live Dare