GOSPELIZE: Update from the Oldings and Go Live Dare

Picture1What is a Gospel Advancing Ministry? 

“One that relentlessly pursues the mission of Jesus by relationally multiplying disciples resulting in radical gospel transformation”.

relentlesslyGo Live Dare is striving to live out a gospel advancing ministry. I have to ask are we relentlessly pursuing the mission of  Jesus. So many times the busyness of life and our careers have us focused on many other things. Are those “things” distracting us, or have we become complacent as Christians in our walk with Jesus. Our mandate as a movement and as an individual drive us to relentlessly pursue the mission of Jesus,it is our DNA so this is a simple question, if we are not pursuing His mission, then maybe we need to come back to what is important. 

relationally: Living out the priorities of Jesus. We are all about conversations and not presentations, building bridges not walls. Jesus lived in relationship and so as we minister and live out our faith in relationships, we are looking to do the things that are authorized by Jesus. Jesus valued relationships and desires for that intimate relationship with us even in this day and age, pursue Him!

radical: Transformation, is seeing the work of Jesus become living and active is such a privilege. We seek to “Gospelize” a nation. 

Maybe this week, look at these three words, and ask am I living this out in my life, in community. 

Our Month of February and March at a glance

  • We have been very busy with kingdom work this month, we trained and equipped 30 young leaders on the lower South Coast region and this past weekend  60 youth Pastors and core leaders in Amanzimtoti area. I have provided pictures, but this was very successful, and young people and the leaders are embracing this Gospel advancing ministry.
  • The Indiana team from Bethel college was with us and were exposed to our ministry as well as various ministries in our area. They had loads of fun, but most of them commented on the fact that ministry with the Go Live Dare team has been very real, and in a sense refreshing to see young people doing ministry and not talking about doing ministry.
  • We praise the Lord that we are in a position to have influence in youth ministries in various denominations across South Africa and train and Equip young people who then will make disciples who make disciples.

Please pray for us as a team, this is what the next few months hold for us as a team. 

  • Our trip up to Johannesburg next week (March 22nd), as we share vision and what to expect with all the role players in Johannesburg
  • We are planning our first LTC (LEAD the Cause) at Rosebank Union church 29 April-02 May we are aiming at training and equipping 250 leaders and core leaders from around Johannesburg.
  • Texas team Arrives 19th May-26th May
  • Our 4 week internship 10th June-04th July 8 young people have signed up for our life on life program
  • My international training and equipping trip in June with Dare2Share
  • Our two team member rachel & Steven, International trip to Denver for equipping and training in July
  • FBM Youth team from 13th July-22 July
  • A Team fro Chicago 25th July-30 July
  • A team from NC 01 August-08th August

Prayer requests

  • For our LTC (LEAD the Cause in Johannesburg)
  • For God to provide for the rest of our budget for LTC
  • For young people and youth Pastors as they take on the DNA of a Gospel Advancing ministry
  • For Adam Cruikshank (Youth Pastor at Sweetwaters church) as he helps me speak at LTC and share about Gods Grace and mercy
  • For Rachel Tice and Steven Lamont as they work alongside me and help to grow this movement in and through South Africa.

Our family news

Gospelize coaching hosted at Margate Baptist Church

Chantel has been battling with her Bells Palsy this month, and ask for your continued prayer as this virus continues to work out of her system, trusting God for this. She is loving her role as childrens pastor at Norwegian settlers church and she is thriving in that role. Our children are super busy and awesome. They are healthy and learning so much, and growing so quick, and I am really needing to find time for them, as they really crave time with there daddy. THANK YOU for your continued love and support. Thank you for being a crucial part of the team.

Chad from Bethel College sharing about true Identity in Christ
GOSPELIZE training Sweetwaters church
GOSPELIZE training Sweetwaters church

A6 lead the cause jozi