A Bold Vision

gw-feb11-20_1A Bold Vision

Have you ever had a Bold vision? Has God ever given you a Bold vision that scares you? 

In Israel 2015 God challenged me to a very bold move. That is when He asked me to step out in faith and launch Go Live Dare. In 2016 God has given me a bold vision of equipping and mobilizing 54 000 young leaders across South Africa in the next few years. I had a dream the other night, and God has in a sense said to me, ” look wider, the vision is Bold.”  I saw 1.1 Billion people waiting with eagerness to be trained and equipped. Very Bold!

For those who don’t know we have a key leader in Rwanda (Go Live Dare) who has begun to mobilize young people in Rwanda. God is up to something big. Am I nervous? Yes for sure!

“The vision must be a God-given vision.  The ministry is the Lords.  He has only allowed the leader to be a steward of it.  Vision must be something that becomes clear over a period of time through prayer and the reading of God’s Word.  The vision also flows out of what God’s mission is for the ministry.  It is very important for a leader to be able to see where the ministry should be someday.  This clarity allows for the setting of goals, which would bring about the fulfillment of this vision upon the achievement of the goals”. Chris Terry

If I think about Moses who was sent out to mobilize a nation in Egypt, the prospect of that was overwhelming. As I look at the life of Moses and look at his values, I see 3 major things:

  1. He looked to God first for all major decisions. 
  2. He built a team who was on the same page as him. (He was a disciple-maker)
  3. He trusted in the Bold vision God had given him. And God said… “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.” Exodus 3:12

I can assure you I am no Moses. But I trust the King, I trust the vision He has given, and I trust Him. I am super nervous, because I do not like to fail, but I want to do the best I can for Him, and do those things He has “Authorized me to do.”  Please pray with me as I seek to be obedient to His call in my life. What Bold move has God given you? Ask Him..!

 What April holds for us as a team.

Lead the Cause Jozi 

What is Lead the Cause Jozi?

Go Live Dare (SA) has partnered up with Dare2Share (USA) to bring you Lead THE Cause (LTC). This youth equipping event REINVENTS the comradery of summer camp, the outreach of summer missions, and the intimacy of a worship event to create a power-packed 4 day experience that will forever alter the DNA of your youth group.  

By adding deep gospel training along with strategic planning and vision-casting, your high school students will be transformed into life-long disciples who are not only passionate leaders for Christ’s mission but are also relationally equipped to share the gospel with their friends.

We invite churches in South Africa to RECHARGE their students and ministry by joining us in Jozi 2016 at Rosebank Union church from 29th April-02 May



Grow the faith of your students

instill disciplemaking

Instil a biblical disciple-making model into your group’s DNA

Prepare your students for a lifetime of fruitful service and leadership

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Build a Gospel Advancing ministry that has real Kingdom impact


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Be a part of the leading edge of revival within the South African church


Lead THE Cause is a great way for youth pastors to inspire and equip your students to take their faith to the next level and provides a framework for them to understand what discipleship looks like, setting them up for lifelong, spiritual growth and health.

At LTC, students are equipped with practical conversational skills and witnessing approaches. They leave with confidence, a passion for sharing their faith, and the leadership to train others.

Thanks to Dare2Share for helping us edit our core training manual. We spent hours contextualizing the material, and are very grateful to the team at Dare2share in the USA. 

We had our Breakfast launch in Johannesburg and there was an overwhelming response from the key leaders who were attended.  There were some well seasoned leaders at the breakfast who have really encouraged what we are doing and are really excited for the training. We are expecting to equip 250 young leaders and teens and mobilize them into action. This is our months focus as this has so many moving parts to this event. I am the core speaker and Adam Cruickshank (Youth Pastor Sweet waters church Amanzimtoti) will be helping me over this 4 day event. We have our core breakout leaders serving as well, please pray for successful transfer of DNA. Please read Pastor Mark Tittley take on the breakfast below. These guys simply humble me.

IMG_7160 IMG_7187 IMG_7213


Honestly, the promotional breakfast that Donovan presented on Thursday morning was arguably the most inspirational ministry experience that I have had the opportunity to be a part of in the last decade. A few weeks ago we started praying intentionally for God to increase salvation responses in our ministry and almost immediately over 20 teens came to faith in Jesus Christ but I still had a concern that our ministry in high schools and at church even though led by teens and guided by adults was still largely happening in terms of evangelism through adults who led teens to Christ. Obviously a movement of multiplication will never take place until teens are “gospelizing” their peers (to borrow your phrase). I had no soon made that a specific matter of prayer that I got a phone call from Donovan …who called to let me know about the upcoming event at the end of April to equip teens to gospelize their teens.                                                 Mark Tittley –  His people church youth Pastor.


We had a great Easter weekend remembering what our great king has done for us and it was a great week leading up to what we call passion week. I thank Jesus for all he has done for me on the cross and by His wounds we are healed. I am so grateful!

Pastors at the LTC Breakfast in JOZI


Prayer Request for the movement

  • For our very first Lead the Cause happening at Rosebank Union Church
  • For Chantel’s continued health issues
  • Praise the Lord for a successful launch breakfast
  • For the team (Rachel & Steven as they continue to adjust to our climate and culture)
  • For great wisdom as I lead this movement
  • For God to protect us from the evil one and his schemes to disrupt and bring disunity
  • For our personal support 
  • For our Support for Go Live Dare as we seek to expand Pray for kingdom builders to join the Cause’

Thank you for your ongoing love and support for us, as many of  you know, you are a critical component to what we are doing. 


If you would like to assist us with the funding of LEAD THE CAUSE, please feel free to contact me.  This training seminar is vital to help equip the youth with the GOSPELIZING tools needed to change a nation.