Giving everything!

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Giving Everything!

Following Jesus always has a cost! For they gave a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she had to live on.” Mark 12:44. My question is simple. How do we follow Jesus? I really think this is a question worth asking yourself on a deeper level than a simple, YES! I follow Jesus. What I am saying is simply this, the world can distract you from following (being obedient to his call on your life, loving people, obedience to his kingdom agenda, sometimes our agenda can take precedence of His true call for us. It is all a matter of perspective. I was reminded of this when reading through Mark 12. We can get so caught up in the ease and comfort of life, it is so easy, and for many of us this is a real battle. As I read through my Call recently again I read this:

Leaders don’t ask for comfort. They don’t ask for ease. They don’t ask for manageability. They ask to be given the burden of a challenge bigger than themselves—one that can make a difference in the world, one that will require the best they have to give it and then leave some space for God besides. They ask for a task that will keep them learning and growing and uncomfortable and hungry.

There can be no learning without novelty. There can be no novelty without risk. We cannot grow unless there is a challenge to what is familiar and comfortable. The Spirit leads us into adventure. The Spirit leads us into a dangerous world. To ask for the Spirit is to ask for risk.

The Spirit wants to make you threatening to all the forces of injustice and apathy and complacency that keep our world from flourishing. The Spirit wants to make you dangerously noncompliant in a broken world. (John Ortberg)

Still so powerful to me. I challenge you to ask the question are you giving everything when it comes to following Jesus. Jesus was not concerned about those putting in large amounts of money, but in the widows offering of giving all she had. Giving all you have is making yourself uncomfortable for His glory.

Ministry overview over the last month

  • 4 Week internship

We have had our 4 week internship happen and it was life changing for many. Tim Lovely and Hannah Smith were just two of the young people who were impacted by the various ministries and people they have encountered in South Africa. They had an incredible time doing life and ministry as Jesus did. 

“South Africa? A journey that changed my life forever. I didn’t know what to expect as I got on the plane to leave, but I return humbled, grateful and blessed. Honestly I left for the trip not knowing my purpose in life. My friends that know me personally, know i’ve gone through my life going through phases. Running after God, but not 110%. The last month, God truly showed me the man he’s always planned for me to be. I learned to give everything to him. Literally everything. I learned how to be intentional, relational, and a servant leader. I learned how to fall in love with Jesus. God is working/moving in so many ways in South Africa and I’m so grateful my team/community got to play a little part in it. Thank you to everyone who were on their knees everyday praying for us. Thanks again to everyone who supported us financially”. Tim Lovely “Unkulunkula Muhle” #‎GoLiveDare‬
1 John 2:6 Whoever claims to live in him, must live as Jesus did.


Hannah Smith ” So I’ve been home for about 9 hours now. I know I should probably be sleeping because I haven’t really gotten to do that over the last two days, but oh well haha. I’ve been trying so hard to process all that’s happened in the last month. I’ve learned and seen so much. I’m extremely thankful for the time I had in SA. It was without a doubt the best month of my life. To say I’m sad that I left is an understatement– heartbroken is more like it. I’ve fallen so in love with this country and its beautiful people. The Lord is working in so many ways and I was so blessed to be just a tiny part of it! One month just wasn’t long enough. However, how cool is it to know that God has uniquely placed us in our own spheres of influence solely for his glory?! While I wish I could still be in SA, I know that Jesus has me exactly where he wants me at the moment. I’m grateful that the mission never stops, and even more grateful that God uses broken people like me to be his hands and feet”.  Hannah Smith ‪#‎golivedare

  • Lead the Cause Chicago

I had the opportunity and privilege to attend Lead the cause with Dare2share our partner ministry and get involved with training and get to meet some incredible young people passionate about their lost friends and country. It was a time of learning for me as well, and to continue to take on the DNA of a gospel advancing ministry. I had a friend of mine join LTC, Stefano Longo from Italy who also came to see how to implement and take on some of the tools to further what he is doing in Italy. We were room mates and travel partners across the 3 States ( Illinois, Michigan, Indiana) We travelled by car and train, praise the Lord for His journey mercies on us. We visited friends from Rush Creek church and Immanuel Baptist who will be joining us in just under a month. I also had the opportunity of connecting with Terry Linhart from Bethel college and visit student who were with us here in South Africa. I want to thank Randy & Kathy Loewen for hosting Stefano and I and for allowing us to use your vehicle (even though you drive on the wrong side of the road). Thanks to Jason Loewen for setting this up for us and all the hard work you have put in. I also want to thank Greg and Debbie for all your time and investment in all you do and for allowing us to be part of what you are doing in the USA. God is using Dare2share in amazing ways.

Bethel College students who have spent time with us and part of the J-Life Semester abroad program.
It was an honour to spend time with Terry Linhart and Laura Winningham
Awesome team from Rush Creek Church in Michigan
Jennifer Easley & Tori Burge visiting and doing ministry with Chantel and Go Live Dare for the week.

  • Upcoming teams still to come in the month of July & August

Andy McGowan and his team will be joining us in under a month.
Matt Icard will be leading a team from NC
Kent Jaggers will be leading a team from Oklahoma, they arrive Thursday


Family News

I am happy to be at home! Chantel is recovering from a spider bite and a bout of Bronchitis, but she is getting better. Caleb and Gaby are loving it that I am home for this week, before another team arrives, and they also love all the teams that have come in. Thank you again for all of you that love us and we love you. We appreciate all your prayer and financial support towards us and the ministry. Please do follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well as twitter for regular updates. We praise the Lord for everything he has been doing up to now, and are humbled by what god is doing through your prayers and your financial giving to what we do.