‘Relentless in pursuit At every turn’

3529da001538dd72f3fdd4e491b1ae98“What is the first and great commandment?” “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment” (Matthew 22:37–38). Other Gospels say: And strength. So loving God with your heart and all that you are is the first and greatest demand of Jesus.

“Look for God. Look for God like a man with his head on fire looks for water.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

As I meet with youth pastors and leaders and spend time chatting with teens, I realize one simple truth..many out there are simply not in love with Jesus or some who are followers their love has grown cold. they are simply going through the motions of doing church, of doing family of doing life and of doing ‘relationship’ with Jesus. 

As I think about this the question is how do I fall in love with Jesus, or how do I have that same drive and passion when it comes to lovin’ Jesus with my entire being?

I can tell you to pray more or read your bible more in depth and longer and spend time in prayer, yes these are essential truths BUT I think the answer is simply understanding HIS LOVE for us, and what he has done, it is knowing His fierce love over us! There is a song we are using next year for our 4 city tour (Jhb/PTA, EL, CPT, DBN) of Lead the Cause https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II1JKBuz-AY This will be our theme song, but there is so much truth in this. I urge you to think about your love for Christ, and the depth of it, because the more we understand His love the more we love Him and being obedient to Him is what our King seeks. 

photostudio_1473752126318Before I call
Before I ever cry
You answer me
From where the thunder hides
I can’t outrun
This heart I’m tethered to
When every step
I collide with You

Like a tidal wave
Crashing over me
Rushing in to meet me here
Your love is fierce
Like a hurricane
That I can’t escape
Tearing through the atmosphere
Your love is fierce



News Update and upcoming ministry opportunities 

  • I have just arrived back from Johannesburg, I was there for a week. I met with some real movers and shakers pastors and missions movements in the ministry doing some amazing things for the kingdom. I went up to plan and prepare for our LTC (Lead the Cause) https://www.golivedare.co.za/lead-the-cause/ God is really bringing the churches together for this training and equipping event. I am excited to see how god uses this tool for His glory. Please pray with me as we seek to reach teens across our nation in South Africa and give them tools to advance the Gospel. 
  • I am excited to be training 21 leaders from around South Africa late September, these are young people who are going to be taking on the tools of a Gospel advancing ministry and replicate what they have learned into their own communities and spheres of influence. 
  • I am also excited to be hosting 4 team members from North Carolina and the team leader Robbie Jones for 4 days with us. 
  • Chantel and I will be visiting the USA and connecting with new possible partners and friends who have journeyed this road with us. Please be in prayer as we begin to prepare.
  • We will be going to the Global leadership summit in October, this will be a time to refresh and sharpen ourselves. 
  • Please be in prayer for 2 of our ministry partners and friends as they launch out into ministry doing very similar things in their respective countries 1. Stefano longo with Orme-network in Italy. 2 Gustavo Gonzalez with Parallel movement in Puerto Rico love what these guys are doing
  • Please be in prayer for Steve and Rachel as they are back home getting to connect with family and friends and simply resting in the Lord, but also connecting strategically. 

20160828_171317Our family 

Chantel is doing good with her health. I praise the Lord that he has been faithful to her and she is such an assest to what we are doing, and God has gifted her in many ways, and she continues to work and do a great work as the childrens pastor at NSC (Norwegian settlers church) http://www.nsc.za.org/

Gaby loves her new doggie Scooby . She is a ridge-back and chews everything. Gaby is growing and has an amazing mind and memory and she absolutely looks up to her mom and loves her relationship with Jesus at her age, and has the most amazing yet difficult questions. She is in good health and her front tooth is showing itself. 

Caleb is growing in leaps and bounds with his speech and physically. He is also a typical boy and loves catching lizards and really love climbing trees and playing with his toys. He has his birthday coming up on the 06th October he will be turning 5. I think his theme for his party is Sharks, he loves sharks. 

We want to take this time to say thank you for your continued prayer for what we are doing and ask that you would remember us as you continue to pray for God to do some amazing things in our day. I also want to say thank you for your continued financial support towards what we do. If you wanting to help in a financial sense here is a link to follow from the US side https://www.egsnetwork.com/gift2/?giftid=49557732574C419 and in South Africa please email me so I can give you the account details. 

We love and appreciate you, please remember you are a critical part to this movement birthed in my heart, but ownership belongs to the King of Kings, you are a key team member. 

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Prayer Items

  • Please be in prayer for 2017 as teams think about joining us in the summer of 2017
  • Pray for young people who seek to join our new updated 5 week internship which also has it stopping in Italy
  • Pray for our 4 cities LTC movement, our theme id #Fierce (Fall in love with Jesus) 
  • Pray for the finances of this event, this is a God thing and God sized. 
  • Please pray for young people felt called to join the movement, they are in prayer
  • Pray for our volunteers, and if you know volunteers, they are servants at heart, but also need recognition for their efforts
  • Pray for safe travels and preparation as we prepare for the USA

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