Black Friday

20161107_080431“We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.”

John Stott

God is about His mission. I remember the greatest course experiencing God, Knowing and doing the will of God.


Knowing God does not come through a program, a study, or a method. Knowing God comes through a relationship with a Person. This is an intimate love relationship with God. Through this relationship, God reveals Himself, His purposes, and His ways; and He invites you to join Him where He is already at work. This is what experiencing God is all about. This is actually happening as we build a movement among the youth in South Africa. Our key is relationships, and this was the priority of Jesus, as I study some of His relationships with the disciples, with the everyday people he comes into contact with, Jesus always gave those who encountered Him a sense of belonging before He led them to believe and later he dealt with with behaviour. 

Jesus is on the move across the Globe, he is at work. I have the privilege of connecting with leaders across the world on a weekly basis and God is at work in each country and He is mobilizing differing movements to really usher in His kingdom. As we work with partner youth movements across the world and in Africa I think about all the teens in Scripture who changed the world, Abel – Isaac – Samuel-Rebekah -Daniel -Rachel-Joseph-David- Joash -Jeremiah  Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego Esther – Mary the young disciples the young man with the 5 loaves and 2 fish,  and the list can go on and on. 

My point is simple. God uses teens to bring change in this world, and so as we work with young people we pray that God would let young people experience God and join Him where he is at work. Young people need causes to believe in, and we want to activate a generation to believe in the ultimate cause, and that is the cause of Christ. God is at work across the globe, how are you getting on board with where God is at work?


Family News

We have been in the USA from the 27th October-19th November. We had a great time with fellow brothers and sisters who have the same values and vision for a Gospel advancing movement. It was a time of developing friendships and partnerships. Thank you again to our friend who looked after Gaby and Caleb while we have been away. We appreciate you and love you guys. Thank you for loving our children. thanks to the Elliot and Doveton families. I pray you guys are blessed. We also want to thank our partners at Dare 2 Share Greg Stier and Debbie & Rick Bressina and Phil & Anita Hildebrand and all the staff for your time and investment into our ministry. We also want to thank Andy McGowan and Dave & Cathy Carter as well as The McQuirk family and the Icard family for hosting us and loving us. We appreciate you all. We are grateful to be back home safe with our children who have really been so patient and understanding to what we do. 

A great weekend with our close friends in Colorado.

On the Ministry front

Oldings Travel
Colorado-Texas-Illinois-Wisconsin-North Carolina

We had a great time connecting new friends and building partnerships that have the same DNA Gospel advancing movement. We spent our time in Colorado with Dare2Share taking on more DNA as well as equipping and training with regards to growing a ministry and movement. We are wanting to expand into South Africa and equip teens with the Gospel message. Please be in prayer with us as we seek to continue to raise the funds for these equipping events. We have one sponsored by a family who have felt that this is a movement of God, and it was such a clear reminder to us that God is in His plans.  Please be in prayer with us as we seek to get the other two events sponsored. 


We are excited to be having two young people join our program in 2017 and they are very excited to be joining the movement. Chantelle Yamkela is from Capetown and has studied youth ministry for 3 years and has a passion for the young women of this country. Joseph is from North Carolina, he loves sport and is seeking to find his purpose in what God wants from him. Please pray for them both. 


We are thankful to the various families whether they hosted or looked after our children. Thank you for everything you have done and we appreciate you all. I want to thank the Icard family for your continued love and support for us and your belief for the South African youth. Mark is also a board member and offers valuable insights to the movement. 

Icard Family
4 week interns from 2016 Awesome to see how God is using them
We “Voted”!

Prayer & Support

We are thankful to our King for giving us the opportunity to go and the funds he has provided along for our journey. Everything we have done everything is all for the Kingdom sake. Every airplane we got on the Lord was in control, He has a plan and he is mobilizing the movement. Please continue to pray with us as we seek to equip this nation of teens and ask that God would help to continue to raise like minded partners to join us as we seek to accomplish his cause for our lives. If you would like to become a financial partner or give a once off gift please click this link provided  USA: or in South Africa click this link for banking details


Thank you all for your continued support. 

God Bless as you prepare for thanksgiving and as you prepare for Christmas.