Oldings update (Go Live Dare) 8 of 9 Characteristics of Jesus leadership ( Jesus was not about popularity)


Michael Hyatt says this in an article I was reading, “So much of the activity I see among leaders today is focused on reaching the masses. “Successful leaders” speak at big conferences, host popular television or radio shows, publish bestselling books, write successful blogs, or engage in social media”.

Simply put, their goal is breadth. They want to extend their influence to as many people as possible.

Nothing wrong with that. But Jesus had a much different leadership strategy. That’s not where he started.

His goal was not “reach” or popularity. In fact, as strange as it sounds today, he actively discouraged publicity.

On more than one occasion, after performing a jaw-dropping miracle, he told those who witnessed it, “Tell no one what you have seen” (see e.g., Matthew 8:4; 16:20; 17:9; Mark 7:36; 8:30; 9:9; Luke 5:14; and 8:56).

He was a publicist’s nightmare.

Instead, Jesus focused on true depth and long-term impact. To achieve this, he had a five-pronged leadership strategy:

  1. He led himself. This is where all leadership starts. Self-leadership precedes team leadership and public influence. If you can’t lead yourself, you can’t (and shouldn’t) lead others.

    This is why Jesus often withdrew to quiet places to pray (see Matthew 14:23; Luke 5:16; 6:12; 22:41–44). He battled the devil to prove his character (see Matthew 4:1–11). He knew that his character—his identity—was the foundation of his ministry.

  2. He confided in the three. Jesus had an inner circle comprised of Peter, James, and John. He took them on special outings (see Matthew 17:1). He allowed them to witness his greatest glory (see Mark 9:2–3) and his deepest temptations (see Mark 14:33–34).

    He prayed with them (see Luke 9:28f). He taught them things He did not teach the others (see Matthew 17:2; Mark 5:37–43). He even introduced them to His heavenly family (see Matthew 17:3). They were his closest friends and confidants.

  3. He trained the twelve. He chose the twelve disciples to be “with him” (see Mark 3:14a) He taught them and also gave them assignments (see Mark 3:14b–19). However, he also shared with them his daily life.

    Like the Apostle Paul would do years later, he poured into them his very life (see 1 Thessalonians 2:8). Because of this, he entrusted them with power to do the work he himself had done. In fact, he promised them that they would actually do greater works (see John 14:12–14).

  4. He mobilized the seventy. Jesus had a smaller, more intimate group to whom he gave specific assignments. He sent them out two-by-two. He asked for a BIG commitment. He gave them virtually no resources. Yet he demanded that they perform miracles.

    He told them to expect opposition (see Luke 10:1–12) and promised no earthly reward (see Luke 10:18–20).

  5. He taught the multitudes. Yes, Jesus had a public ministry. He occasionally spoke to thousands. However, he didn’t pander to these groups or “tickle their ears.” He confronted the status quo, jarred his listeners’ sensibilities, and often taught in parables.

    Interestingly, he didn’t feel the need to clarify everything. He often left his audience confused and wondering what he meant. His goal was apparently to shift their paradigm and get them to think.

Jesus’ leadership strategy evidently worked well. Within a generation, His followers turned the world upside down (see Acts 17:6).

Within seven generations (318 A.D.), the emperor Constantine accepted his message and made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.

And here I am, almost two millennia later, writing about it.

After interacting with leaders at every level for more than three decades, my observation is that most leaders only focus on the last two strategies, leapfrogging over the first three. They have a public teaching ministry, and they are good at mobilizing groups for specific assignments.

However, very few intentionally train a small group of disciples. Even fewer build deep relationships with a handful of confidants. Fewer still lead themselves well. As a result, they do not have the kind of lasting impact they could have.

The older I get, the more value I see in going deeper with the few. Leading the masses may feed my ego, but it won’t guarantee an impact that will outlive me.

This article can be found at https://michaelhyatt.com/the-leadership-strategy-of-jesus.html

News from GoLive Dare and the Oldings. 

We are pleased to announce that Ashley Munien has officially begun with Go live Dare as of 01 June. Please watch this video.

Report back from Lead the Cause in Johannesburg. 

We had a great Lead the Cause In Johannesburg where we equipped and trained various churches from around the Johannesburg region, some of the churches represented were God first church Rosebank, Every nation church Rosebank, Alex Baptist, Wilro Park Baptist, OM Missions, Youth Alive Soweto, St Luke’s Anglican, as well as Bryanston bible chapel exploring possibilities for next year.  just to name a few. Young people were equipped trained and mobilized and went out onto the streets and relentlessly began to engage people from various traditions and religions around zoo lake as well as Rosebank mall. We had 180 young people attend with 150 gospel conversations. We seek to passionately pursue the mission of Jesus and relentlessly train and equip and mobilize teens for greater effectiveness, as well as seeing young people get rooted in their faith. A big thank you and shout out to Mark Tittley for all the hard work he and Debbie have put in as well as implement this in their own youth ministry over this year and a half. Mark has also helped us with core training as well as do the updated powerpoint materials. So thank you Mark and Debbie and Every Nation church Rosebank for hosting the event. The event costed in the region of R100k. We praise the Lord for his provision for the event, as well bringing the various churches as well as the investment from the local youth pastors. I want to thank a family in Denver who donated $7000 towards this event, ( this is used for the printing of books, catering for all the students, hire of the venue as well as all the bags, laces, and bands, etc) and really say to you thank you again for your investment into the communities of Southern Africa, God will take your gift as he has already and exponentially use it for His kingdom glory. Here is what is beginning to happen in the schools of Johannesburg.

“A pic from last night were 18 lads at Parktown Boys Hostel are standing to pray to accept Jesus as their Saviour for the first time ever! We had a similar number respond last week. Jordan and I brought Bible’s that we handed out to 30 of those who had become followers of Jesus over the past week. When I wrapped up I was able to use the GOSPEL outline to clearly walk the lads through the gospel message they heard on the Youth Alpha video they had just watched. Thanks again to Go Live Dare for investing in our lives through Lead The Cause and imparting to us incredible passion and tools to lead people to Jesus! Genuine fruit has resulted from your interventions in our lives and ministries!”Mark tittley youth pastor at Every nation rosebank.

All praise to God!!! God bless you and all your efforts for your faithfulness and dedication to the Cause of Jesus Christ! This is from Mark Tittley (every nation  Rosebank) and Jordan Theron (St Luke’s Anglican), Simon Chittenden (Godfirst Rosebank). Praise the Lord for His great provision. 

This is gets me up in the mornings, and that is why we are so pumped about training the young people of this country to go out and reach their communities, and we are hearing about young people starting prayer groups and mentorship groups in their schools.

Some upcoming events and prayer items. 

  • We have an intern team & friends serving with us, love these guys. (Hannah Smith, Jacob Pierce, Spencer Starling, Mary Rodriguez).
  • We have another intern team arriving (like Jesus internship) in June 12-04th July where they will be serving with us and taking on DNA. (Alyssa Wilson, Jacoby Burgess, Helen Janes, Naomi Price, Erin Sweem, Karsyn Tuttle)
  • Please pray for our Breakfast coming up as we prepare for LTC Durban. Please pray that we raise the necessary funds, we are $5000 short for Durban, pray with us, as we seek to equip , mobilize the teens.
  • Pray also for our capetown LTC and event happening in October. 
  • I will be attending the Global summit with Dare2share in July, as well as attending there LTC in Denver,  and will be in Denver Colorado during most of the month of July and get back, the day before Lead the Cause Durban. 
  • Please also pray for the guys in Africa, as they seek to grow a Gospel advancing movement into their regions, Zambia as well as Rwanda.



“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”
Corrie ten Boom