Oldings update (Go Live Dare) 9 of 9 Characteristics of Jesus leadership ( Jesus loved people)

In South Africa we live in a relational culture, where young people will go deep with you quickly once they trust you. Effective ministry is done in a relational way, like jesus did.  To live as He lives and love as He loves—to do what is required—means making sacrifices. We have to turn from our selfish tendencies—our plans and our desires—in order to follow our Savior’s example. To put it differently, love calls us to carry our cross (a symbol of death) even as we learn to put to death anything in us that’s not pleasing to God. In Romans 8:12-13, Paul wrote, “You have no obligation to do what your sinful nature urges you to do. For if you live by its dictates, you will die, but through the power of the Spirit you put to death the deeds of your sinful nature, you will live.”

The #LikeJesus internship is geared at loving people and doing ministry like he did. It is designed to take you way out of your context and normal life to thrust you into the lives and continent of Africa, where your ideals are challenged and your comfort zone is challenged, growth takes place. Jesus wants us to love unconditionally, in varying contexts. He has challenged many young people in South Africa to take their faith seriously and to live like Him. I am grateful for these young people who got to see South Africa, as it is, and to see young people coming to Christ, there is nothing better to witness. Jesus loved people when he was on this earth, and did life, and relationships with people from all walks of life. 


Like Jesus internship

The team is currently on Safari and will be dropped at the airport on the way back. It was really a time of learning and growing in Christ. They learned more about themselves as well as expanding their love for missions. The internship is designed to really bring understanding of how God works cross- culturally as well as contextually in the South African context. They worked hard and grew in their understanding of cross cultural missions, as well as seeing how God works and learning to keep in step with the Spirit. They formed deep relation ships that will continue past 4 weeks, and understanding the great cause for their lives as well as their own giftedness will help them make strategic decisions for later on in life. They have also had some great time of fun with ziplines, gorge swing, dolphin and whale viewing, 2 day Safari, as well as living on a nature reserve. There was a good balance of hard work and hard play. I want to thank Ashley & Stefanie as well as Chantelle Yamkela and Lwadiso for all your hard work during this time.

Objective on the #LikeJesus internship: Live like Him. Result: Achieved!

Exciting news & Developments

David banda has successfully registered Go Live Dare Zambia! This is very exciting to see how God is using David to reach Zambia for Jesus. Here is the outline for his movement in Zambia. God is truly up to something on our continent. Please pray for David and Tamara Banda as they seek to reach every teen in Zambia. Click the link below. 


Family update

We have been busy for 2 months with 2 different teams, the first team we simply did life and ministry with, the #likeJesus internship was very strategic about growing young people and taking them out their comfort zone. Gaby and Caleb were both sick and had bronchitis, Gaby is better now, and Caleb is recovering. Chantel has been very busy with planning with lunch and dinner pick up for the last month as well as NSC kids ministry. She preached last Sunday, and it was a children led service, I very proud of her. Our bus broke down, we hit a rock which caused the oil sump to leak, but we were fixed up within a day. We were also robbed, but we praise the Lord we are all safe. As we work alongside our King and help shape hearts, and working against the kingdom of darkness we expect these things to happen. Please continue to pray for us. I will be at the first ever Global advancing movement summit, I am part of the steering team, and humbled to be a small part of what God is doing on a global scale. I will be leaving on Tuesday 04th and returning the 18th July. Ashley and I will also be attending the LTC event in Denver, Colorado. This again will be a time to see the new materials as well as build G.A.M relationships as we seek to reach Africa and beyond. Please pray for Chantel as she remains behind and looks after our children. We love and appreciate all you do for us. Thank you to everyone who continues to pray intentionally for us as well seek to be in continued relationship. We cannot do this without your love and obedience to Christ.