Olding update September/October

Late last night I heard a noise in the house, and I got up to see what the noise was, and living in a country full of crime I had to see what the noise was all about, to my surprise I found Caleb in his bed, awake at 12h30 am crying and building lego! I said boy whats wrong? He was upset about his rocket he had broken, next to his bed, and was trying to put it together, but the reality is he was upset that a project we built together was now broken, and it got me thinking. Caleb loves time with me as his dad. I ask the same of me, time with the Father! 

Have distractions crept into my personal relationship with my Father? As a son I can tell you God the father always has time for us. As an earthly father I try my best to spend quality time with my children because time is so precious and I love hanging out with such amazing blessings from God. Sometimes we all get busy (including ministry). Wayne Stiles (devotional author) writes ” its often tempting to view God as good for salvation but a little lacking for our real lives”. Life happens and we can become so focused on the peripheral vision that we get overwhelmed to do the important things of life like time with our heavenly Father. We can all feel it when time with our heavenly Father is lacking, I tend to be a bit ratty, unfocused and as my wife would put it “hangry”check it out in the urban dictionary.  

3 questions for walking with God on daily basis.

  1. Do I strive to become like Him or like my christian culture?
  2. Do I give my all to Him-or do I give whats necessary to keep up appearances?
  3. Do my Bible readings, prayer, other spiritual disciplines serve to draw me to Him, or are they there to sooth my conscience that I am spiritual? 

Walking in a true personal relationship requires this one thing, Jesus want to be our first love, and loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, strength should be our number 1 priority! Yes we all get unfocused and distracted but we needs to keep the main thing the main thing! It was not the rocket my son was crying about but the time with his dad, and I need my time with my heavenly Father, where I am truly living out the great commandment!

Ministry update

We have been planning for our 3rd LTC Lead the Cause and will be hosted at Norwegian settlers church from the 29th-01 October. We have had a great response from all the local youth pastors and teens and are excited about the event. We are also planning our one day training events beginning in November for our G.A.M Gospel Advancing training and ministry partner Dare2Share. We are really focused on training and equipping teens across South Africa and here is a story from one of the teens recruited and trained in our Johannesburg event. 

 Tsepiso from Youth Alive in Soweto here is what he said:

” I’m always good ???? the Christian movement started four weeks ago and it’s going strong ????????It’s every Tuesday I have God loving people helping me and we sharpen each other with the things of God and 18 members from my school so far. Thank you for enabling us to affect change and to go out there and proclaim the good news without any fear and with the tactics we learned may the God lord bless you”#activateageneration#fierceltc17 

This week Steven Lamont, a young man (who serves alongside Go Live Dare) with a call of God on his life approached me this week, and informed me that God is calling him to serve as a youth pastor in another province of South Africa. We are excited for Steve and Courtney as they enter a new phase and season of their lives.  

News from Africa

George Webere Kenya

God has really been growing what He is doing on the African continent. George Webere ( Kenya) is mobilizing and activating a generation.  

Hello Brother Don,
This is our just concluded Youth Ministry  Leadership Training in Nairobi on 8/9/2017. The Training was successful and encouraging. We had (21) twenty one Churches represented and (28) twenty eight Pastors in attendance.


David banda Go Live Dare Zambia
David recently attended a summit run by the J-life David had an opportunity to attend the J-Life (Jesus’life) summit in Ndola. J-Life is an organisation which is led by Pastor Joe Nkhoma the Country leader  the purpose of J-Life is to Mobilize disciple making movements throughout the church of jesus Christ in Africa. This was a great opportunity to connect and build relationships with like minded disciplemakers on the African continent. David Banda (Go Live Dare Zambia) 


Shinga Jeremie Go Live Dare Rwanda

Shinga and Sam recently had a ministry conference in the church Shinga is leading and it was an awesome time of revival and connecting with Pastor Sam from Kenya. Shinga has asked us to pray for next week on 20 September we have a school ministry.

On 21-22 September we have leadership training .

On 28Sept – 1 Oct 
We will be ministering in DRC praying Lord make a way and provide for this cause .



Upcoming ministry & Prayer items

  • LTC 2017 South Coast 29 September-01 October
  • USA trip (October)

Chantel and I have the absolute privilege of being a part of Matt Icard & Karsynn Tuttle wedding and will be in North Carolina to be part of joining these two awesome people in holy matrimony, what an honor and privilege. They will be getting married on October 08th on my birthday, what an awesome birthday present for me! They will also be joining Go Live Dare in 2018, so please pray for them as they adjust to life together and ministry in South Africa. they are arriving between April-June 2018. 

  • One day training November 2017/February 2018 
  • I will be speaking at LTC Italy in December
  • Ongoing planning and training for LTC 2018 (JHB, DBN, CPT) as well as funding 
  • Preparing for our new 4 week internship with 3 nations (South Africa, Zambia, Italy)
  • Our first Africa Summit 2018 hosted here in South Africa in March 2018
  • Ongoing support for growth and expansion into Africa

Olding family news

Here is a video update.