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When you put your teenagers in a position of having to trust God, their theological information about God is activated, as their spiritual dependence on Him is accelerated. This is what Lead The Cause is all about!

LEAD THE CAUSE trains teens to be on mission…for life!

When High school students and leaders come to this leading evangelism training experience, they come home confident in their faith, knowing how to engage their culture in gospel conversations, and are lit on fire to see everyone in their world know Jesus.

What is Lead The Cause?

Why is it foundational in youth ministry?


Participate in small and large group training sessions developed to help them relationally share the gospel and multiply disciples. The fastest way to infuse Acts-like excitement into your youth ministry culture is getting your teens to activate a generation.

The Holy Spirit

At the sessions we allow the Holy Spirit so activate a teens passion for him, but engaging deep truths of Scripture so that the outcome is simply that Jesus is truly your first love you cant help but Share the Gospel

Share the gospel

Teens will have the opportunity to share the gospel one-on-one with unbelievers in your city.


Create an intentional strategy for spreading the Gospel at home.

Develop Skills

Develop practical skills and witnessing approaches to help instil confidence and passion for sharing their faith while developing them into leaders who can train others.

2022 is coming South Africa!

Lead The Cause


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Mark Tittley on Lead THE Cause and Gospelizing South Africa
Mark Tittley on Lead THE Cause and Gospelizing South Africa
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18225535 143576286180737 2394094725901582336 n
LTC WRAP Jozi 2019
LTC WRAP Jozi 2019
Lead the Cause South Africa #ltcjozi16
Lead the Cause South Africa #ltcjozi16
LTC #fierce JHB
LTC #fierce JHB

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